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The Laws of Survival City

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The Laws of Survival City

Post by Jackie Shaw on Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:55 pm

First off, welcome to Survival City! We're super glad you're interested in joining us, but, before you register, we need you to read over these rules. We know nobody likes rules, but they're necessary to keep everything running in working order, so please, please, please make sure you read over all of these rules and follow them, because I do not want to come hunting you down. This place was meant to be fun, after all.

Section One: Registering

~ There is no set rating for this site, but keep it reasonable, okay? You should be reasonable with all swearing and violence. As for any topics you want that contain mature content? Please mark them with *M* either at the beginning or end of the topic title. While we do not wish to put a damper on the relationships of your characters and your creativity, we ask that you 'fade to black' for all sexual acts and remember that not everyone is comfortable with such topics.

Before threading any topic with acts of violence and/or sexual acts, you should consult the person your are threading with to make sure they are okay with it. Remember that we're all here to have fun, not freak each other out and make everyone uncomfortable.

~ This site operates with a face-claim. With that said, all face claims should be of famous actors/actresses, singers, models, etc. No social media/YouTube/Vine stars or anything of that sort, please!

~ You shouldn't be registering as a character that is related to any other (as in a sibling, relative, love interest, etc.) without asking permission of the owner of the involved character first. The only real way you should be registering such a character without strictly asking permission is if there is a wanted ad posted for that character. In that case, you would respond to the wanted ad saying that you are taking up that character.

~ When you register, please make sure your account name/username is your character's First & Last Name properly capitalized. If you make a mistake, don't worry. Just let one of the administrators know and we'll fix it for you.

Section Two: General Rules

~ You should respect all of your fellow members, not just the site staff (which can be seen in the right hand sidebar of the forum). Bullying will not be tolerated here.

~ With that rule mentioned, no discrimination of any kind will be accepted, either. You are free to do virtually whatever you like with your characters, so let them be whoever you want them to be! And that rule on discrimination goes for Out of Character as well, so just don't do it, okay? That's just rude.

~ Please make sure you keep your character's relationships separate from your own. Just because your character hates another does not mean you are allowed to hate that other character's player.

If you have any concerns with other members, please, please, please feel free (and we encourage you to do this) to contact any or all of the site staff about the situation. This is supposed to be a fun environment for everyone to enjoy, and we can't always catch everything, so that means we need your help, too!

Section Three: Posting on the Board

~ First off, there is currently no cap on characters, so let your hearts run free to their content with how many characters you have as long as you can manage to keep them all active.

~ We will be running periodic activity checks here. Please try to do at least a post per month, although it'll be better if you could try for two. I, myself, am busy though, both with other sites and with real life, so that's why I only ask for one. It'd be really unfair to ask more of you than I can do myself, after all.

~ All In Character posts should be no less than 200 words in length. Short replies are how topics (and forums) die, and we don't want that. It really isn't that difficult, so get creative and have some fun with it!

~ Under almost no circumstances should you "god-mode," which is taking control of another player's character. Unless you have permission and you state that you have such a thing, you really shouldn't be doing this. It's unfair and will not be acceptable.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in punishment in either the form of a temporary ban of your character(s) or complete deletion of your character(s).

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