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Jackie Shaw || WIP

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Jackie Shaw || WIP

Post by Jackie Shaw on Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:07 pm

Jackie Alexander Shaw
Jeremy Renner | The Resistance | Resistance Commander

nick names - N/A

age - Thirty-six

sexuality - Straight

marital status - Married to Fiona Shaw

defining features - This small tattoo on the inside of his left wrist. The flying bird represents his daughter, and the other two birds are for him and Fiona. His right wrist is wrapped in a barbed wire tattoo.

skills and talents - With five years service in the military from before the world fell to pieces, Jackie is experienced in everything from sniper shooting skills to tactical planning. He is skilled with various types of firearms, from long-ranged weapons to handguns. He is also a trained hand-to-hand combat and unarmed defense and also has experience fighting with melee weapons such as knives.  



write some stuff about the personality here; at least one good paragraph!


Jackie Alexander Shaw is the only child to parents Angelica and Hector Shaw. Under their love and care, Jackie had a good childhood. They didn't have everything, as they were far from rich, but they had enough to live comfortably, and that was all the little family needed.

Jackie grew up in the time leading up to the collapse of the world and the entrance of the Corporation as his home city's government force. Of course, back then, things didn't look as dark and grave as they do now. In his youngest years, such a world war as the one that happened wasn't really a possibility in anyone's mind.

Jackie went through the school system like any child did, and he graduated high school with good grades. They were by no means the most amazing ones possible, but it was fair enough for him and his parents. After graduation, Jackie joined the military.

Jackie met his wife, Fiona Shaw, in his early days of service. Both of them were young, although Jackie had one year on her, but they fell for each other easily, leading them to marry before Jackie was sent back off into another round of service.

His service time was cut short when he was at the age of 24. The world had gone to war, and he was sent back home to Survival City to keep things grounded there. At the time, he hadn't expected that to be anything more than a stationing duty... Such was not the case.

The war took a heavy toll on the rest of the world outside of the city, and by the time he was 25, Jackie was no longer a military member. The Corporation had taken over control of his home city. It was those days that the Resistance began to come into the picture.

With Fiona, who had been living with him since he had been stationed back at Survival City, and several others, the Resistance slowly began to band together in the shadows and darkness of the city, so as not to be found out too soon by the Corporation.

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Jackie Shaw

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