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The Survivalist's Guide to Survival City - Site Plot

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The Survivalist's Guide to Survival City - Site Plot

Post by Jackie Shaw on Thu Apr 16, 2015 7:21 pm

Welcome to Survival City, a long-lost and long-forgotten godforsaken place. Sitting high upon a mountain, the city has fallen victim to the control of big, rich corporations, but you can't really expect any more when the world went to war and never really recovered...

Survival City is about all that's left, and survival is literally the name of the game. Being all high with their power and money, the big companies have staked their claim and made themselves the ruling body. They do whatever they want and do things however they please. Anyone who tries to complain about it or attempts to go against their word suffers the consequences... And it's not exactly a big secret what those consequences are, either.

They are notorious for taking citizens - though that have crossed them and those that haven't - for their own uses. What exactly those uses are, everyone knows, but no one's really willing to say. Kidnapping, torture and some sort of market is the general line up, and if you can get more details than that, it's both dangerous, and rare. Not many are willing to risk it... but how is it going to end if no one is?
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