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Custom Titles Shop

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Custom Titles Shop

Post by Jackie Shaw on Fri Apr 24, 2015 11:09 pm

Titles are just another thing to customize your character. They deal a lot with your character's personality, and you can even make up a special one of your own choosing if you'd like! Titles cost 800 coins each, and this will be charged each time you buy a title, even when you're just purchasing a new one.

Title NameDescription
The AssassinGuns for hire
The CharmerCharismatically hypnotic people
The Cold OneEvil people, or emotionally secluded
The Con-ManThose who benefit from other people's ignorance
The DaredevilThe people that go headlong into danger
DeathPeople who bring death wherever they go.
The DevilCruel-hearted people who are willing to be evil for the sake of it.
The DreamerThose who cannot anchor themselves to Earth
The EmperorMale leaders
The EmpressFemale leaders
The Eternal FlameVery old people
The Fallen AngelĀ Those who used to be good but have fallen
The Foolthose that leap before they look, who make foolish decisions and basically act like a child
The FireworkThose that live in the moment
The GriffinA gentle person who can be ruthless in their pursuit of revenge if they are hurt
The Guiding StarSomeone who guides you through
The GypsyStrange people with a penchant for traveling
The Hanged Manthose who regularly sacrifice things for the ones they care about
The HealerMedics and all those who heal, even if it's spiritual or emotional only
The HermitTravellers that dislike staying in one place, or those who prefer to be alone
JudgementJudgemental people
JusticeThe ones that make sure that justice will always win out; people with strong principles and morals
The KelpieThose that seem friendly at first but are actually dangerous and manipulative
Lady Of The LakeIrresistible and charming females that can wrap men around their little finger. They can be devoted and loving, if they think their partner is deserving of them
The LeprechaunHappy-go-lucky people
The Lost SoulFor those that can't find themselves
The MagicianGoal-orientated people who are determined and confident. Alternatively this is also for the bubbly people who seem to have a magical air around them
The MermaidThose who long for the sea or long to get away from the life they're currently in
The MoonThe dark and mysterious ones
The NaiadNurturing and caring people
The Oceanthe untameable people who are unpredictable and ever-changing
The Open BookThose that wear their life on their sleeves
The Quiet WindQuiet people
The RebelThose who go against the tide
The SailorThe ones with a huge sense of wanderlust who cannot stay in one place long enough
The SeductorFlirty men
The SeductressFlirty women
The SilentThe shy ones
Shadow in the NightThe ones who you'll never see coming until they strike and attack; perfect for archers
The Silver-TongueThe ones who can wrap you around their little finger with their words alone
The SinnerThe ones with a bad past
Snow Queenthe ice-cold females who use people and couldn't care less about who they're hurting. They enjoy control and power
The SphinxA mysterious person who never gives anything of themselves away and you can never tell what they're thinking. They are smart and intelligent and often may give riddles to test the 'worthiness' of their friends
Strengthwallflowers who have come out of their shells
The SunThose that will always cheer you up and get you back on your feet
Temperancethose who are restrained and don't show their true colours
The TowerLoyal friends
The TricksterMischief-makers who can never stay out of trouble
The WandererPeople who never stay at one place for too long
The Wandering SoulSomeone who can't settle down and instead travels
Will-o'-the-Wispsthe melancholy people who ultimately bring sadness wherever they go. They will tease you with a promise of adventure but will take that adventure away from you, just as soon as they've had enough and are bored with you
The WorldThe world-weary
If you have ideas for new titles that can be added to the list, please let me know. I'll be happy to add to the list. Smile

The original list was created by the lovely Miss Calypso on Earth Mightiest Heroes.

To purchase a Custom Title please fill out the following form and reply to this message:

[b]Character:[/b] (for which character you purchase the title
[b]Money taken from:[/b] (who pays for your title)

[b]Cost:[/b] (how much do you have to pay? only add if you purchase titles for more than one character)
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