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Site Canons

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Site Canons

Post by Jackie Shaw on Sun Apr 26, 2015 10:07 am

everybody with your fists raised high,

This is a list of all of our lovely site canons! It will be added onto and amended as we get more ideas for characters and characters get taken up, so check back often for new updates to this list! If you would like to take one up, simply register their account and post up their application and we will show the character as reserved/taken by you!


SHAW, fiona.
the resistance; thirty-five; gemma arterton

Fiona Shaw is the second of the three Commanders of the Resistance. Wife of Jackie Shaw and mother to their daughter, Alora, Fiona can hold her own just as well as the boys. She is loyal, protective, defensive, and just as stubborn as her husband. She takes a motherly role in the operations of the Resistance, a role that suits her well considering that she is a mother, and is the main one to keep "her boys" in line should they get out of hand.

GAMBLE, nicole.
the resistance; twenty-six; megan fox

Nicole is here for a more personal reason than just wanting to overthrow the Corporation's tyranny, which, of course, she wants to do as well. Her boyfriend was taken by the Corporation, for no reason, she will tell you, and she is determined to get him back from them, alive and in one piece.


COLLINS, micha.
the corporation; forty-four; daniel craig

This man here is the brain and main man behind the Corporation. 'Big Daddy' is a nickname that he's picked up and suits him well. He is also father to Alice Collins, and, despite that big, mean, exterior, is trying, in his own, very special way that Alice doesn't care for at all, to be a good father - mainly by trying to share the spoils of the Corporation with her. He doesn't know just yet that she is a supporter of the Resistance, but you can be certain he won't be happy about it at all when he figures out about it all.

NIXON, howard.
the resistance; forty-five; robert downey, jr.

Nixon could be on top of this little world right now had he so chosen. Weapons specialist and heartthrob extraordinaire, Howard was obviously a top choice to join the corporation as a military weapons contractor. Despite the large ego this man does carry, Nixon found the ways of the Corporation to be something he didn't want to attach his name on, describing them now as "vile and more cruel than any of my weapons have ever been." So, instead of that, he took the money he'd made from before the reign of the Corporation and signed himself up as the Resistance's official weapons consultant and contractor, which is an absolute big secret to everyone but the Resistance, so he'd appreciate it if you didn't go around telling everyone about it.

MADDOX, daniel.
the resistance; thirty-six; chris evans

The third of the three Resistance Commanders, Daniel is probably the lightest when it comes to a sense of humor. He is good at keeping morale in the band high, and is good friend and man to have on your side in a situation. Him and Jackie actually have a history, as Maddox here served with the man in the military before the Corporation took over control.
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